Stomp and Play provides a music and movement program for preschool age children which allows a child to experience invigorating auditory, visual, language, and motor activities which fosters early childhood brain development. The children will have an opportunity to participate in singing, playing, talking, exploring objects, and physical space which are just some of the ways to stimulate brain development. The language portion of the brain is enhanced greatly by interaction with others due to the fact the brain can connect words with objects and experiences. Movement gets the brain going and music will boost learning.


To bring a positive and engaging music and movement experience vital to the foundation of the development of the whole child in an early childhood setting.


Provide quality developmental appropriate music and movement activities that will enhance and foster the development of a young child. By offering a hands on approach each child will develop a positive outlook toward school, a better appreciation of the world around them, and acquire a love for learning through music and movement.

Benefits For Children

• Increases school readiness
• Promotes better social/motor skill development
• Helps build developing muscles, bones, and joints faster
• Healthy life style skills
• Healthy for brain development
• Challenges high level thinking skills
• Enhances the ability to process musical sounds and patterns