Policy and Procedures

Enrollment Policy

All enrollment forms must be completed and in the possession of Stomp and Play, LLC (“Stomp & Play”), before your child may participate in any Stomp & Play activities. All forms will be reviewed annually. Please notify Stomp & Play, via online contact form, to update your child’s records as necessary. Advance written notice of 30-days via online contact form is required withdraw your child from the program before the end of term. 


There is a $20 Non-Refundable registration fee for your child at the time of enrollment. (Summer registration/supplies fee is $10.) If the Stomp & Play services for your child are discontinued or terminated by you for any reason and your child desires to return to Stomp & Play, your child will be required to pay a $25 re-application fee.

Payment Information

Specific rates will be outlined in the Contract and Rate Agreement. Tuition is payable in advance and is due no later than the 1st of each month. Payments may be made by check/money order and should be made payable to Stomp and Play, LLC. Cash is also accepted. There will be a late fee of $10 for payments made after the 1st of the month. Your child cannot participate in Stomp & Play activities until your child’s account is made current. There will also be a $30 fee for all checks returned for non-sufficient funds.

Class Schedule

Stomp & Play will follow a preplanned schedule that will help the activities flow smoothly and that will allow your child to anticipate upcoming events. Each week, a music and movement teacher will arrive at your child’s school and conduct a 30 minute instructional class. Lesson plan structure:

  • Warm-Up- engaging your child with movement songs and provide a repetitive sensory experience.
  • Activity- Variety of games implemented to develop our skill builder. New activities each week.
  • Parachute- movement games that focus on listening, cooperative play, and spoken language.
  • Activity Closure- Overview of skills, cleaning up, and singing good-bye song.

What to Bring

Your child should arrive dressed for play. Please make sure your child is dressed seasonally appropriate for indoor or outdoor play. Sneakers are a must. Children wearing open-toed shoes will not be allowed to participate in Stomp & Play activities. Please supply your child with a water bottle or sippy cup.


Stomp & Play is based on enrollment (a reserved space), not on attendance. If your child is absent, there will not be a make-up day. There are no reduced rates due to inability to make the scheduled classes.


Good communication is of the utmost importance. Stomp & Play welcomes questions, feedback, or discussions of any kind regarding your child’s participation in the Stomp & Play activities. In case of an incident while your child is participating in stomping and playing, you will receive an ‘Ouch!’ report. For any events or closures, please refer to the Stomp & Play website or Facebook page, as social media will be updated frequently. If there are any questions please feel free to call during business hours or e-mail at your convenience.

After-School Programs

A Stomp & Play instructor will assume responsibly of your child immediately after class dismissal. Our policy is to release your child to the parent or person(s) identified on your child’s authorized pick-up list. If a person NOT on that list is to pick-up your child, Stomp & Play MUST have written permission from you to release your child. A $1.50 per minute late pick-up fee will be assessed for all children picked up after class time. Late fees will be applied to the next billing cycle (This applies to after-school program only).